Mintaro, July 22.
An enquiry, which lasted several hours, was held at the Mintaro Central Hall on July 21, concerning the fire on Wednesday, by which the Mintaro Hotel was completely destroyed. Mr. A. P. Brown acted as coroner, and the bench was occupied by a jury of six. Mr. W. E. Giles watched the case on behalf of the Norwich Fire Assurance Company, and Mounted-Constable Adamson, of Auburn, on behalf of the Crown. Evidence was given by Mr. E. Slattery, Mrs. Slattery, and Miss Smith, a domestic, and the following verdict was returned:—”That the fire started in the spirit room, but there was not sufficient evidence to show how it originated.” Mr. G. Pulford, manager for Messrs. Wiltshire & Seabury, is to be commended for his courage in repeatedly entering the burning building, thereby saving many valuable papers. A number of others risked life and limb, and did good service in preventing the flames from reaching adjoining buildings.