Mintaro Cricket Club

MINTARO CRICKET CLUB. — The annual meeting of the Mintaro Cricket Club was held on Saturday evening, July 22, when the election of officers for the ensuing year took place. His Honor the Chief Justice was re-elected President; Mr. Thompson Priest, J.P., President; Vice-Presidents, Hon. A. Catt, M.P., and Dr. Eadon ; Captain, Mr. W. J. Jessup; Vice-Captain, Mr. J. Smith; Secretary, Mr. H. D. Jolly; Match Committe, Messrs. Jessup, Gibson, and W. McLeish. During the past season the club has played nine matches—won five, lost three, and drawn one. The following are the batting avarages (sic):—Arthur Fry, 21.3 runs per innings; H. D. Jolly, 16.7; W. McLeish, 14.5; J. Fry, 10; J. Penfold, 7.15; A. Mclntyre, 7; W. J. Jessup, 6.7; S. Mortimer, 6.2; C. Gibson, 6; W. Ryan, 4.6; J. Ryan, 4.4; J. Smith, 3.9; W. Reynolds, 3.5; G. McLeish, 1.3. The following played in one match only:—C. W. Bowman, 1 innings 48 runs; E. Bowman, 2 innings 10 runs; P. Ryan, 1 innings 5 runs; E. Bayfield, 2 innings 4 runs. The principal bowling averages are:—J. Smith, 35 wickets 7.9 runs per wicket; W. McLeish, 9 runs per wicket; W. Ryan, 10 wickets 9.8 runs; C. W. Bowman, 6 wickets 5.3 runs; A. Fry, 4 wickets 7.75 runs. It was decided that the Match Committee, with the Secretary, endeavor to arrange a programme of matches this season, and have cards of same printed and distributed to members of the club and clubs of the surrounding township, so that the matches may not clash with other clubs. The financial condition of the club was fairly satisfactory, there being a small balance against it. It was decided to hold a concert at an early date.