[From our own Correspondent.]
Mintaro, July 14.
Our little township, so exceedingly picturesque in spring and summer, through the abundant rains we have had of late has become a perfect quagmire; also, the roads for many miles on the Auburn and Burra sides are anything but safe for wheel conveyances, unless in broad daylight.
Within the last few days we have lost our two schoolmasters— the one by death, and the other by the acceptance of a much more profitable situation. They were both men who were highly respected, and their loss to this locality on that account will be the more deeply regretted. We are now without any schoolmaster. As there are many children in this locality, it is to be hoped that we shall not be long without one.
We are also without a Deputy Registrar or agent for the registration of births and deaths, the nearest to us being about 10 miles, and exceedingly bad roads. It is to be hoped that the Registrar-General’s attention will be directed to this matter.
Many enquiries for labouring men are made to me, and a shoemaker would find plenty employment, as three out of four shoemakers left our village this last week to proceed to a new township up farther north.