[From our own Correspondent.]
Mintaro, November 9.
The weather now is exceedingly warm, and our farmers have commenced haymaking in earnest. It is to be hoped it may continue fine for them, for the depression of the agricultural interest of late has been so great that any further losses would ruin many of our hard-working and enterprising farmers in this district.
A memorial was forwarded to this township from Auburn some three weeks back for signature for getting the road from Port Wakefield to Auburn placed on the schedule of main roads. It was returned a few days back without a single signature attached to it being considered a most selfish affair, as a road already exists from the Burra to Leasingham, and from thence to Port Wakefield, which, although rather bad in winter, almost all drays from the Burra and the North use, and it is a shorter route. There is also as good accommodation at Leasingham as at Auburn. Surely this speaks volumes to the Auburnite who answered my former correspondence. I would not reply in any way to his letter until I knew the general opinion of this district, nor shall I reply any further. The matter will have to stand on its own merits.