Mintaro Centenary Celebrations

Mintaro Centenary Celebrations.
The ‘Back to Mintaro’ Centenary Celebrations were concluded on Monday and Tuesday of last week, when the fine weather of the previous two days prevailed. The ‘Back to School’ proceedings on Monday morning proved to be the most popular event of the celebrations, particularly with the older people, who entered into the spirit of things wth great gusto. Assembling at 10.30 a.m., old scholars were placed in charge of Mr. Alfred March, an earlier teacher at Mintaro, awaiting the arrival of the Director of Education, Mr. Adey, C.M.G., to declare the function open. At 11 o’clock the Director and Mrs. Adey were met by the head teacher, Mr. P. J. Collins, and passing through a guard of honor formed by present scholars, introduced to members of the School Committee, the assistant teacher, and the president and secretary of the Centenary Committee. In a happy speech the Director declared the proceedings open, and old scholars in the capable hands of Mr. March, adjourned to the class room to answer the roll call and recall lessons of younger days. Later, Mr. Collins entertained Mr. and Mrs. Adey, with members of the School committee at luncheon.
In the evening the Centenary Floral Ball was held in the enlarged and renovated Devonshire Hall, to music supplied by Mr. T. K. Tucker’s orchestra. Early in the evening it was apparent that the Devonshire Hall would not accommodate the dancers, and provision for the overflow, was made in the Institute, where Mr. Jack Whitehead dispensed appropriate music. It was estimated that over 700 persons were present at this function. The thanks of the committee is due to Mr. J. T. Mortlock for the provision of novelties for this night.
After an absence of many years, a Flower Show was programmed for Tuesday, the final day. For the success of this function, praise must be given Mrs. S. Garrard, of Merildin, who, as convenor, worked hard to ensure large entries, and also to Miss V. Y. Pulford for her effort in the classification of entries prior to the show. Judging was in the hands of Mr. J. E. Maddern, of Auburn, and Mr. C. G. Pulford for the flower and vegetable sections; whilst Mrs. Bence of Kooringa, adjudicated in the arts and needlework division. The show was opened by Mrs. W. C. Ayling, of Gawler. The champion rose came from the gardens of Hughes Park, Watervale; the champion pansy was exhibited by Mrs. Catford, of Clare, and for the champion bloom, Mrs. W. R. Woods won with a fine specimen of salpiglosis. Other prizewinners noticed were Hughes Park (aggregate in flower sections, for which a fine inscribed cup was presented by Mr. W. R. Woods, Mrs. G. B. Martin, Mrs. J. H. Knappstein, Miss B. Maddern, Miss Martin, Miss T. Sandow, C. G. Pulford and J. T. Mortlock, whilst in the miscellaneous section Mrs. Tickle, Mrs. Borowski, and Mrs. Rilstone (paintings) ; Mrs. Bamptpon, Miss Martin and Miss Ley (needlework), and C. G. Pulford (photography) were prominent.
At 8 p.m. a unique display of fireworks was provided by Mr. J. T. Mortlock, and held the interest of 900 persons in Burra street for over an hour. Prior to the declaration of the Ugly Man Competition at 10 p.m. the trophies won in connection with the Flower Show were presented by Mr. J. T. Mortlock. The final figures in the Ugly Man Competition were:— Mr. S. McNamara, 27,792 votes; Mr. S. Garrard, 17,973 votes; Mr. W. E. Blatchford, 11,610 votes. With a total result of £237/4/-.
Amid applause Mr. S. McNamara thanked his supporters, and was congratulated by the two other candidates. To conclude the evening, the younger people adjourned to the Devonshire Hall, and enjoyed further dancing until an early hour.
And so ended the Back to Mintaro Celebrations of 1936. It was a wonderful effort, the result of which, with donations, should place in hand well over £500, and of this sum the greater proportion is to be put to the erection of a new Institute.