Mintaro Cemetery

[To the Editor.]
Sir — I read with interest a letter in your issue of Aug. 5th., relative to the condition of the Mintaro General Cemetery. I agree entirely with the writer that the condition of this cemetery is a disgrace. But not for a moment do I agree that the matter is the responsibility of the District Council of Clare.
Some years ago the Clare Cemetery was in much the same condition. However appeals were made to the relatives of those laid to rest there and funds were found with which to clean up and improve that Cemetery. During my term of over 10 years as Curator not one penny of the Ratepayers money was spent on the cemetery. The only source of revenue for the work has been by direct giving (and in this regard several, with dear ones laid to rest there, have been most generous) plus money received for leases of plots.
Mintaro has its own Curator, whom the District Council of Clare pays £5 per year, whilst the Curator of the Clare Cemetery receives 5/- per burial, which average about 12 per year for the past 10 years! It always rather amuses me that the moment there is something required people at once rush to the Council to find finance. And they, as a rule are the first to ‘squeal’ when the rates are increased. Your correspondent should read the whole of the Chairman’s last report, and study the big disparity between the increase of all costs and the rates levied — (133% to 30% I think.)
Now I respectfully suggest that Mintaro should find its own funds for the cemetery. I feel quite sure that Mintaro could raise, enough money in a few days and have this most necessary work carried out without drawing on Council’s all too meagre funds. Then too, why not organise a working bee to clean the cemetery up? Several cemeteries in the country areas are kept in order that way.
I am, Sir, &c., ESSINGTON DAY,
North Adelaide.