Mintaro, April 1900

MINTARO, April 22.
A grand social entertainment was given by Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Mortlock to the residents of Mintaro district, at the Martindale Hall on Easter Monday evening. Mrs. Mortlock, who made a capital hostess, welcomed the visitors at the Hall door. A splendid programme of songs and music was prepared, in which Mrs. Mortlock, Mr. and Mrs., and the Misses Hammond (Adelaide), Miss Bray (Adelaide), and others, took part. Mr. Hammond as “Ah Snook,” in a Chinese song, and as Dr. Quack, in “Medicine Jack,” was particularly successful. Mrs. Mortlock sang “No sir,” in good style, and with great expression, and also “Star of My Soul,” for both of which she received well-deserved encores. Misses Bray and Hammond sang “A Little Peach in an Orchard Grew,” in which the sad fate of Johnny Jones and his sister Sue was told in a thrilling, and yet amusing, way. In the fan and Cachouca dances, Miss Bray fairly brought down the house by her light and graceful movements. The clever acting of Miss Bray, and sweet singing of Miss Hammond in a scene from the “Geisha,” provoked continued applause. There were several other items, all of which were well received. Mrs. Hammond acted as accompanist in a creditable manner. After the concert was over refreshments were handed round, and cheers were given for Mr. and Mrs. Mortlock, Mr. and Mrs. and Misses Hammond, and Miss Bray, final cheers being given for the popular host and hostess, and the company dispersed, after having spent a very enjoyable evening.
On Friday evening Mr. E. Ward, M.L.C., addressed the electors of Mintaro. Mr. Ward received a good hearing, and the meeting, under the presidency of Mr. Mortlock, was a very quiet one.