Mintadloo Estate

At the Burra Town Hall on Friday Mr. Lane Addison, on behalf of Elder, Smith, & Co., Limited, offered for sale 1,690 acres of freehold, forming portion of Messrs. Thomas Goode and Sons’ Mintaldoo estate, situated six miles from Clare, Mintaro Railway Station, and Farrell’s Flat. The land in question is being farmed on halves, and a portion of the crop promises to yield up to 30 bushels to the acre, which is sufficient indication of the quality of the soil. There was only a small attendance of buyers. Farmers are busy haymaking, and the fact that the neighbouring properties of Canowie and Koonoona are about to be subdivided also militated against the sale. The land was offered in seven lots. The highest price bid for any one of the blocks was £8 an acre, but it did not reach the reserve, and no business resulted.