Methodist Centenary

“After 100 years”
Yes! after 100 years of worship and praise the Methodist Church at Mintaro is still a working force in the community. On Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 30 and 31, the Centenary Celebrations brought many people to Mintaro in answer to invitations extended by the present church congregation and trustees. Visitors could be found in the gathering from very many parts of the State. It was estimated that over 100 attended the Saturday evening gathering at 8 p.m.
An inspiring service of worship and praise set a high note for such an occasion. The service was conducted by the Rev. Clem Christopher (Chairman of the District), and the preacher was the President of the Conference, the Rev. G. S. Wellington. The address was most inspiring, and the meeting closed with the Benediction of the President.
All then adjourned to the Old Church Hall, which is 100 years old — here a short program was interspersed by a report and reminiscences together with an interesting history of the Church Trust working through 100 years. The items were rendered by Mrs. Nicholls of Auburn, Mrs. Angel and Miss Fay Hean. The splendid response to the request for reminiscences kept the evening going very brightly and happily and one must add profitably, for much of that which was said was testimony to the worth and place of the church in the individaul (sic) experiences.
On Sunday morning, the church was crowded to capacity and additional seats were required down the aisles. It is estimated the congregation numbered more than 250 people. Pastor Houston led the first part of the devotions, and then welcomed all including the Guest Speaker, the Rev. G. S. Wellington, who then conducted the remainder of a very wonderful service. The President spoke on the Text 1 Sam.7.12—”Hitherto hath the Lord helped Us.” He linked past with present and showed to us a real responsibility to the future, but God is with us, and what ever happens, this is best of all.
Luncheon was served by the ladies at the Institute Hall, and some 275 were privileged to enjoy a wonderful repast. Civic bodies were represented by Mr. Hall and Mr. and Mrs. Jenner, also we were very honored to have Mr. Quirke M.P. with us. Mr. Quirke and Mr. Jenner spoke as opportunity arose.
Two notable ex-residents, notable in that they were the oldest present, Miss Priualx and Mrs. S. Torr did the honours in the ceremony of the cake, which was beautifully made by Mrs. Davis.
The afternoon service was at 2.30 p.m., and again the gather ing was hard to accommodate in the fine old Mintaro Church. The afternoon Speaker was a past Minister the Rev. B. S. Howland, of “horse play” fame. He gave a very inspiring address besides which he received on behalf of the Trust a Baptismal Font, given by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sandow in memory of Mr. Sandow’s late parents. The Rev. Howland dedicated the Font in an impressive way and then Mr. and Mrs. Ross Sandow’s daughter, Helen Mary, was baptized by him from the new Font.
This account however would be far from complete if it did not record the splendid way in which the Gawler Men’s Choir led our worship of praise. The choir harmony in the message of song, was a fitting expression of what we all seemed to experience in that wonderful gathering. We were all with one accord and with God — the Solo works of Mr. R. Goldsworthy and Mrs. Angel were glorious inspirations to hearts ready to praise their God.
The Centenary has passed and the crowd has gone, but God is still with us — and the Future ahead of us.