Larrikin in Mintaro?

By an Idler.
Your Mintaro correspondent says that ‘we do not possess the larrikin element — a thing so bountifully supplied to Clare.’ I object to the sentence, because it conveys a wrong impression, and being only half the truth is far worse than a gross prevarication. That Clare can lay claim to a good supply of polished larrikins I am well aware. Yes, and high-class, high-minded, high-bred, and low-fed ones, too—no gutter-snipes included in this category either. But if Mintaro does not ‘possess the larrikin element,’ who was it, pray, that defaced a lot of gravestones in the cemetery there some time ago, for which depredation a reward was offered for the commital (sic) of the offender? Perhaps it was the ‘Butcher’s Wife.’ If so I certainly apologise to your correspondent, and yet I charitably believe that there is none of the rowdy element in her.