A correspondent says a Tent was opened on Saturday evening, May 19, in the District School-room, Mintaro, in connexion with the Independent Order of Rechabites, South Australia District, 81. The Tent was named Triumphant, No. 22, and was opened by the D.C.R. Brother W. Radford, assisted by the following brothers—P.C.R. Day, D.R. Broker, and D. Spademan, of No. 16 Tent, Auburn, P.D.R. Moyses, Thomas Moyses, jun., Treas. Rain, and Guar. Blight, of No. 15 Tent, Clare, C.B. Hulbert, of No. 11 Tent, Brighton. Eleven candidates having complied with the laws, were duly initiated. The following were elected officers—Brothers George McLeesh, P.C.R., H. Fraser, C.R., John McDougall, D.R. ; all the minor offices being filled, they were duly installed. The usual business being disposed of, and the D.C.R. having addressed some suitable and appropriate remarks, the meeting was brought to a close; all the opening expenses being paid.

[Note: A branch may be known as a “Tent”, since the biblical Rechabites lived exclusively in tents. Each Tent is ruled by a High Chief Ruler, assisted by a High Deputy Ruler, Corresponding Secretary, Sick and Tent Stewards, Inside and Outside Guardians, a Levite of the Tent and a number of Elders.
Date founded: 25 August 1835
Place founded: Salford
Independent Order of Rechabites – Wikipedia]