Football Final

Great Finish by Sevenhill in ‘B’ Grade Preliminary Final.
(By ‘Follower.’)
AFTER having been outplayed by Mintaro for three and a half quarters Sevenhill played a devastating last 15 minutes to take the ‘B’ Grade Preliminary Final at Clare on Saturday.
Mintaro led all the way until they were headed about 2 minutes before the final bell. In an inspired burst of football which was as sudden as it was unexpected Sevenhill scored 4 goals 2 behinds to nil to win by 4 points.
Thus the two ‘babies’ of the Association will meet in the Grand Final next Saturday at Saddleworth.
Although both Tarlee and Sevenhill will naturally have their loyal supporters, the interests of Football will be equally served whichever team wins. It is quite fitting that these two Clubs have now risen to the top from their humble beginnings of a few years ago.
The Clare Club had the Oval in first-class order and were able to supply 4 gatekeepers; but were not able to carry out the full local arrangements for the match on account of Clare ‘A’ contesting the Grand Final at Riverton. However the Sevenhill and Mintaro Clubs cooperated to supply time-keepers and boundary umpires and Farrell Flat supplied goal umpires.
Sevenhill ladies provided afternoon tea.
Central Umpire was M. Castle of the S.A.N.F.U.A. Goal umpires D. F. Lacey and another. Boundary umpires, Max Baxter (Manoora) and Don Robins (Sevenhill). Time-keepers, D. Smith (Mintaro) and E. R. Mathys (Sevenhill.)
Play opened with Sevenhill kicking South. Mintaro opened up with speed and determination, and winning the race to the ball were first into their stride, but they missed several easy shots for goal. Baxter, Hill and Hogarth goaled after a ragged inaccurate burst and Sevenhill came towards the end of the quarter with goals from Stringer and Smith, who was playing an amazingly effective game despite great physical handicap. First Quarter Scores:
Mintaro 3—9; Sevenhill 2—4.
Sevenhill picked up nearly all this leeway in the 2nd. quarter despite the fact that Mintaro was clearly the better side. Illman was a tower of strength in a back pocket and was being well supported by Brian Jenner and Peter Kozlowski on the last line of defense. Whetstone at centre and Stoneman at centre-half-forward were being shaded by Mitchell and V. Jenner, and Davis was making it difficult for Faulkner. Ross and Fuller snapped goals for Sevenhill and J. McNamara scored Mintaro’s only goal for the quarter. Half-time scores:
Mintaro 4—8; Sevenhill 4—6.
Mintaro agined (sic) the ascendancy in the third quarter with strong rucking and forward play. They goaled through Hogarth, Hill and Mitchell. Sachse kicked Sevenhill’s only score for the quarter, a goal. Mintaro had a 3 goal advantage at three-quarter time when the scores were:
Mintaro 7—12; Sevenhill 5—6.
The first half of the last quarter was in Mintaro’s favour, but they could manage only 4 points, one or two from point-blank range. Then Sevenhill swung in to attack. Ross and Symons established an ascendancy in ruck and Sachse, roving, who now came into his own, drove the ball into Whetstone at centre half-forward who now dominated his new position, covering much ground and bringing down some brilliant marks. Fisher also now played with dash from centre wing. One of Whetstone’s long kicks was marked by Faulkner on the goal line and the latter registered his first goal. Whetstone pulled down another mark in the full forward area and scored full points. Faulkner again goaled from a free to reduce Sevenhills leeway to 2 points—Whetstone again flew high near the boundary line and scored a magnificent goal to put Sevenhill in front.
Mintaro became badly rattled towards the end and the state of their game was evidenced by the astonishing sight of Baxter and Ross competing with one another in their ruck work.
Umpire Castle had little control and the game almost developed into a Donnybrook to wards the end. It was a very good win by Sevenhill who once again were the steadier team in the crucial moments of a gruelling encounter. They were inspired by their young Skipper, John Smith, who played an incredibly plucky game. His enforced clumsiness in gathering the ball (owing to a severe hand in jury) made him a sitting target and he took an unmerciful battering. That he was able to play a more than useful game was not only indicative of courage and fortitude of a high order, but also a vindication of his decision to take the field.
Bob Illman was Sevenhill’s best man. His dash, dexterity and polish in a back pocket were a constant thorn to Mintaro and fine entertainment for the spectators. Pat Ross and Keith Symons were strong in ruck and defense and brough to Sevenhill’s game a refreshing vigor. Cyril Jenner was also a terrier in ruck and defense, and 14 year old Trevor Sims gave a plucky and effective exhibition at centre-wing. Graham Whetstone and Ian Sache deserve a mention for their fine work in the last quarter.
Mintaro’s best were again those two stalwarts George Baxter and Eric Mitchell who to gether with Bob Illman were the best three on the ground.
Baxter’s work in ruck and in the forward lines was a constant source of strength and Mitchell gave magnificent service in blanketing. Sevenhill’s brilliant centreman, Graham Whestone, Seymour Davis and Vincent Jenner were towers of strength in defense. John McNamara turned on a very nice game roving and forward. Clarrie Ross rucked strongly at times.
Goalkickers, Sevenhill—Faulkner 2, Whetstone 2, Stringer, Smith, Ross, Fuller and Sachse each 1 .
Mintaro—Hill 2, Hogarth 2, Baxter, McNamara and Mitchell each 1.
Best players, Sevenhill—Illman, P. Ross, Symons, C. Jenner, Sims, Smith.
Mintaro—Baxter, Mitchell, Davis, V. Jenner, McNamara, C. Ross.