The English and Australian Copper Company have received advices from, their managers up to the 1st of June last:— At the smelting works, the quantity of copper made during the month of April and May was 221 tons, and there remained upwards of 5,000 tons of ore on hands. The Burra Burra mine had been paid all the copper due to it in respect to ore delivered to the end of July; 64 of the mules lately arrived at Adelaide had made their first trip from the Port to the Burra mine; the muleteers had performed their duty in a very satisfactory manner; and the Malacca had been dispatched for another cargo of Mules. Cartage was scarcely procurable. Labour was as scarce as ever ; and the managers say, under this head:— ‘We require— 1st, cartage power; 2nd, furnacemen; and 3rd, labourers and mechanics. We are unceasing in our efforts to ship off the large stocks of ore we hold, and our only chance of obtaining cartage power was by the importation of mules.’ — Mining Journal, July 29.