STANLEY, June 29.
Special Meeting.—Present—All. Thirteen appeals against the assessment considered; three reduced and the rest dismissed. Messrs. T. H. Turner, H. Whellum, and H. Dunn wrote in re errors in assess ment; to be corrected. Mr. Lenartowiz to fill ruts near Eckermann’s for £3 10s. The crossing over the Wakefield by section 270 to be attended to.
July 6.
Present—All. Councillor Tralaggan elected Chairman. Constables’ list produced; objections to be heard next meeting. Annual meeting to be held next Council day. Circular received from Crown Lands Office, notifying payment of license fees. Lease of grave signed to J. Reilly. Resolution carried to reduce dog fees to 5s and 7s 6d. Vote of thanks passed to Councillor Faulkner for attendance as delegate to association meeting. Chairman stated that making approaches to the ford where the culvert was washed away on the main road by Tickle’s had been let to Mr. Lloyde for £10; approved. Applications received from Mr. Dowd for some metalling east of railway station, and between sections 409-587, Stanley. From Mr. Hunt, for drain to be deepened in Stein street, Mintaro; and from Mr. Rowe, for repairs on main road in Mintaro, near his place. Road by section 410, Stanley, to be inspected. Mr. W. Turner applied to be rated for certain allotments in Glendore; to be attended to. Rents for closed roads to be for Flagstaff and Black Springs Wards, 1s per acre, and for remainder of district, 1s 6d per acre, per annum. Mr. B. Carter reappointed solicitor. Clerk to prepare estimates of receipts and expenditure for year. Audited accounts and balance-sheet read and adopted. Mr. Cummings to blind metal in Hill street for 7s per chain. Works ordered—Metalling 5 chains, Hill River; about 11 chains forming on Hill River; drain to be deepened, Stein street, Mintaro; main road by Rowe’s to be attended to; washed stuff on road near Mr. Horgan’s dam to be removed; 25 yards maintenance at Wakefield crossing, on Black Springs to Manoora main road. Receipts, £11 2s 6d; payments, main road fund, £9 15s 4d; general fund, £62 15s 9d.