STANLEY, September 7.
Present — All. Tender accepted — No. 158, D. Kelly, 9s per load. Clerk reported—Constables duly sworn in; G. D. Paul having taken out hawker’s license in place of slaughtering license; that the letter asking for a grant for construction purposes on main roads, presented by the members for the district (Messrs. Kimber and Gillen), had resulted in a visit from the Assistant Inspector of Main Roads to report; that the following works bad been let during the month — 3½ chains metalling and rut-filling, sections 343 and 344, near Mintaro, to J. Cummings for £7 13s; 3 chains rubble metalling, Torr street, to J. Lloyde for £4; repairs to creek and rut-filling near Holm Hill to M. O’Neill for £4; filling large rut and repairs to creek, Millane’s road, to M. Millane for £3 10s; filling large rut, sections 405 and 406, Farrell’s Flat, to W. Robinson for £2; repairs to road applied for by Mr. Brown completed for £1 4s 3d; and various bad places on Farrell’s Flat repaired by day work; approved. Business circular received from District Councils Association; Mr. G. McLeish to attend as delegate at next meeting. Copy proposed Licensed Victuallers Bill received. Letter from Crown Lands Office, declining to confirm resolution to reduce dog fees at present. Circular from Crown Lands Office in re electoral claim forms. Application received from ratepayers, Flagstaff Ward, for repairs near Saddleworth boundary; Councillor Carter and overseer to inspect. Overseer reported that road through section 330, Hundred Clare, was in a bad state; to stand over for the present. Letters received from ratepayers, Black Springs Ward, and Mr. Blucher, asking for about 20 chains metalling on main road to Waterloo; clerk to reply, stating that as no money had been granted for construction purposes nothing could be done. Mr. Gilbert’s offer to provide and fix logs at Wakefield crossing, Manoora main road, for 30s, and to put out and roll maintenance at section 3201 for £3, accepted. Mr. H. Dunn to fill hole on Waterloo main road for 10s. Subscription granted to Burra Hospital—£2 2s. Mr. Lloyde to be noticed to proceed with contract No. 150 at once. Councillor Carter and overseer to arrange for metalling in Flagstaff Ward. Part assessment No. 11 to be altered from T. Driver to G. McLeish. £350 to be divided pro rata amongst the wards. Rent for closed road and reserve by sections 448 and 449 to be charged to Mr. H. Bowman. Works ordered—Repairs to cutting, sections 502-504; ruts near Nemietz’s to be filled; 4 chains metal, sections 472-489, and 2 chains, sections 477-481, Black Springs Ward; 6½ chains metalling, Burton street, Mintaro North; repairs to creek near Keane’s; repairs to creek near old school, Farrell’s Flat; metalling Flagstaff Ward; short piece of metal and spoon-drain south end of Mintaro; 3 chains metal and repairs to creek, Hill River, near school; rut-filling on road from Flagstaff to Glendore, near cemetery, and between sections 445-455, Black Springs. Receipts, £10 2s; payments, main road fund, £12 18s; general fund, £65 12s 1d.