Disown Signature Defence

SIR — As Mr. G. Fualkner (sic), in his evidence before the Select Committee on Mr. Kingston’s motion, stated that I, ‘Peter Brady, of Mintaro, went to Wm. Rivett and wanted him to disown his own signature, and wrote to certain parties a wilful lie,’ I feel it due to myself to publish the following certificate of Wm. Rivett on the subject, in order that the public may see that there is no truth whatever in Mr. G. Faulkner’s statement.
Mintaro, August 14, 1861.
‘Mintaro, July 29, 1861.
‘I hereby declare that the following is the conversation that passed between myself and Mr. Peter Brady on the subject of the petition against the return of G. S. Kingston, Esq.:— Mr. P. Brady called at my residence, and asked me if I had signed the petition, and I said, ‘No ; but Mr. G. Faulkner’s done it for me.’ Mr. Brady asked if I was present at the time. I said ‘ Yes.’ I never told Faulkner that Mr. Brady asked me to deny my own signature.
‘The mark of
‘Wm. Rivett.
‘Witness— Wm. Jessup.’
‘I hereby certify that the above is a true statement, as taken down by myself from Rivett’s lips, in the presence of Mr. P. Brady.
‘Wm. Jessup.’