CLARE. November 23.
Present—Mr. Ninnes (Chairman), Councillors Moyses, Roach, Hannaford, and Gleeson. Letter from Mr. Descent, Master of the Mintaro School, inviting the Council to attend an examination: also asking for a sum of money to purchase prizes. Clerk to inform Mr. Descent that they nave no funds available for such a purpose. Messrs. Moyses and Gleeson to inspect John Bulter’s work near Armagh. Messrs. Ninnes and Roach to inspect the road at southern boundary of the district, and report. Messrs. Moyses, Gleeson, and Hannaford to meet on Section 1 6, to select a site for a public slaughter-yard. Mr. Hannaford to inspect Jarman’s work at Roscrow’s Sideling; also to let him work immediately required at Slab-Hut Creek and Stony Pass. Application from C. J. Webb, to be keeper of the Clare Pound, accepted. Messrs. Gleeson and Hannaford to inspect the Clare Pound-yard, and direct as to the necessary repairs. Payments, £32.