Writing on the subject of dangerous crossings and roads, the Northern Argus says :— “The travelling public between Clare and Spalding complain of the want of attention to their requirements. During the wet season it is frequently dangerous to cross the Broughton. The ford is narrow, the current rapid, and immediately below there are huge boulders. On the same road nearer Spalding there is a rickety, narrow old bridge over Freshwater Creek. It is not safe to take a loaded vehicle over it, but teamsters have to risk it. Unless it is replaced by a more substantial structure there will be a collapse should anyone venture over it with a heavily-loaded waggon. The road has not been long under the jurisdiction of the North Midland Road Board, and thefore it has not had time to make extensive improvements, but it is hoped that bridges at the crossings referred to will be put up shortly. The road between Sevenhills and Mintaro is in a shocking state. Owing to the hilly nature of the country the storm waters rush along the road and wash it up in many places, making ruts almost too deep to admit of vehicle traffic. On the west slope of Trilling’s Hill the road is scarcely passable, owing to the number of ruts. The guard-fence at a bridge on the same road, about half a mile from Sevenhills, is broken down, the whole being in a dilapidated state.”