Clare School Board of Advice

Clare School Board of Advice.
Minutes of meeting held in the Town Chambers on Saturday, November 3.
Present—The Rev. Canon Webb and Messrs. S. K. Walker, A. Tilbrook, H. Carter, and W. Kelly (Chairman).
The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.
From Miss H. C. Webb, teacher Farrell’s Flat school, asking that a wash basin, bucket, and pannican be supplied for the use of that school.
From the Hon. the Minister of Education informing the Board of the resignation of Mr. E. C. Rix as a member of the Board.
From Mr. G. Scott, head teacher of the Clare public school, supplying a statement of receipts and expenditure in connection with the concert fund.
Result of examination of the following schools:—Mintaro school, James Fry, percentage, 71.72; Mintaro Station, Annie F. Richardson, percentage, 83.02 ; Magpie Creek, Eliza A. Fryar, percentage, 89.76.
Seven cases of children who had not attended school the required number of days were considered. The parents of two children of one family to be severely cautioned for neglect. The reasons given for the absence of others were considered satisfactory.