CLARE, November 5.
Present— Councillors Lloyd (chairman,) Brinkworth, Koslowski, Pattullo, and Penna. Overseer’s report read and approved. Letter from Survey Office, stating that £20 had been granted for wire netting, for Messrs. E. Cross, A. McKinnon, and W. J. Maynard, and that the netting had been sent to Clare. Letter from Crown Lands Office re rabbits, received. Resolved that Clerk give notice to destroy rabbits — and see that the notices are complied with, and if not take action against all offenders. Chairman and Overseer to inspect Trilling’s Hill, and get ruts filled if Stanley District Council is agreeable to pay half cost. Mr. Hibbard, of Penworthman, to be allowed to grub trees on road at back of his house. Mr. Coombes allowed 14 days’ extension of time for his contract at Bumburney. Overseer to send Coyle to Kenny’s bridge to repair tbe pitch-paving. Clerk to write to Mr. Bidgood re exchange of road at Emu Flat. Mr. Faulkner to be allowed to take water for building from the creek at Sevenhills. T. Martin to fill ruts and turn off water from bis place to Verran’s for 25s. Councillor Pattullo to get ruts filled near Stanley Flat Chapel. Tenders accepted.— Contract 50, W. Prater; contract 69, J. Barowski. A. Coombes to fill ruts near Mrs. White’s for £2. Receipts, £131 9s 8d. Payments, £85 5s 7d. Board of Health. — Officer of Health reported serving notice to Chairman of School Board of Advice to enlarge Stanley Flat School.