Central road board meeting

Central Road Board. — A meeting was held on Tuesday, September 19th, Mr. Hallett in the chair.

Letters were read

From the Stanley District Council, mentioning that in the contracts under the Board now in progress, close to Mintaro, there were some deep cuttings in the district roads, and enquiring whether the Board would make the approaches from the main road to the district road in the case alluded to. To be informed that the Board will, as usual, bear half the cost of making the approaches ; the Council to do the work to the satisfaction of the Board’s Surveyor. From W. Dunne stating that the road between Sections 130 and 129, near Wockie Creek, appeared to be a few feet short of the usual width, and that the contractor (Mr. Bond) had given him to understand that his fence must be removed to allow the regular width (66 feet for the road.) He mentioned that he put up the fence on Section 129, according to the Surveyor’s pegs, and wished to know if the Board would leave the fence as it stood or have it removed. Referred to Mr. Macaulay…