Catholic Church opening ceremony a success

MINTARO.—This interesting event took place at the above place, on Sunday last, according to the announcements, and nothing could be more satisfactory than the manner in which it was conducted. His Lordship Bishop Murphy having arrived at Sevenhill College, on Friday last, great preparations were made, not only to carry out the ceremony in the best possible manner, but also to give his Lordship a proof of the sincere pleasure the inhabitants felt in seeing him once more among them, after his recent most dangerous illness. Accordingly, on Sunday, when the clergy proceeded from Sevenhill to the church at Mintaro, a long cavalcade of horsemen, and no inconsiderable number of vehicles of every description, accompanied them. Thus escorted, the Bishop arrived at the church at about 10 o’clock, and immediately proceeded to vest in a temporary sacristy erected outside the sanctuary. At 11 o’clock, the organ pealed forth the solemn tones of the “Asperges,” and the ceremony of blessing the building commenced. This, including the procession outside the walls, occupied about half an hour, during which tho Gregorian “Miserere” was sung in a very effective manner by the choir, composed principally of persons who had volunteered their services for the occasion. After the benediction, high mass commenced, the Rev. J. P. Palluber acting as sub-deacon, and the Rev. J. Tappeiner as deacon. At the gospel, a most eloquent sermon was preached by the Rev. J. Lungth, who, taking for his text that portion of Chronicles which relates the dedication of Solomon’s temple at Jerusalem, drew a very striking parallel between the faith and zeal of the King of Jerusalem, and that of those inhabitants of this colony, whose piety and faith induced them to increase the number of holy temples in a place which, a short time ago, was but a wilderness. After the sermon, the sacrament of confirmation was administered to a large number of persons, and high mass concluded the ceremony. There was an immense number of every denomination present, the majority of whom proceeded, after the service, to an entertainment given by Mr Peter Brady, in a building temporarily erected for the purpose. Ihe church is really a handsome structure, and in every way reflecting the highest credit on the builder, Mr Priest. It is fifty-two feet long by twenty-five feet wide, and of a height calculated to give it a graceful and elegant appearance. The east and west windows are most tastefully cut in white stone, to match the coping and the framework of the side windows, and every one that has seen it, agree in calling it the neatest structure of its kind in the north. The collection raised on the occasion of the opening amounted to £130 17s., which will, in a great measure, clear off the debt; and as this comparatively large sum was so easily raised, there can be but little doubt that the church will soon be quite free from all encumbrance. Nothing could exceed the excitement which the ceremony caused in the neighbourhood, and the Bishop was received everywhere in a most enthusiastic manner. On the Monday following the opening, he gave confirmation at Sevenhill Catholic College, and on Tuesday he proceeded to consecrate the ceremony at Clare. His Lordship will return to town in the course of next week. He inspected Sevenhill College on Saturday, and expressed his entire satisfaction at the arrangements made for the pupils at this new establishment.