Burra and Clare Election

Mintaro, April 15, 1861.
Sir — We, the undersigned, Electors of the District of the Burra and Clare, feeling sure that you are the most fit and proper person, to represent us in Parliament, as well from the similarity of our political opinions as from our identity of interest, earnestly request that you will allow yourself to be nominated as a Candidate for the representation of our District in the room of W. M. Lennon, retired.
Thomas Gibson
Thomas Evans
Peter Brady
Felix Dempsey
John Brady
Patrick Weathers
Michael Reilly
William Dunn
Edward Tulley
Edward Dempsey
David Barnett
Patrick Larkey
Barnard Lynch
Michael Smith.
John Dempsey
Patrick Collins
Daniel Corey
Denis Managan
Simon Dollard
Thomas Smith
Hugh Smith
Patrick Smith
Barnard Brady
Frederick Hector
John Briggs, sen.
John Briggs, jun.
Michael Whealan
Adelaide, April 20, 1861.
Gentleman—Your flattering address only reached me on Thursday evening, at Clare. I have now, in acknowledging it, to refer you to my reply to the 538 gentle men who had previously tendered me their support, and to thank you, in common with them, for your kindness, and to express my readiness to accede to your wishes. My interviews with the electors at Kooringa and Clare on Tuesday and Wednesday last have confirmed my confident expectation that the support then tendered will place me once more in the proud position of your representative, and draw still tighter the bonds of political friendship which united us for so many years.
I regret that the pressure of private affairs prevented my visiting you at Mintaro, Watervale, Auburn, and Mudla Wirra, during my late visit to the North, but intend having that pleasure before the day of nomination, and will give you due notice of the time and place of meeting.
Your obedient servant,
To Messrs. Gibson, Evans, Brady, and the other gentlemen signing the requisition.