Bowman’s residence completed

On Wednesday, December 15, a party of gentlemen interested in the building trade, at the invitation of Mr. R. Huckson, visited the residence which has recently been erected for Mr. E. Bowman on his estate near Mintaro. The house has been built on the plans of a London architect, and is finished and decorated in a most handsome manner. No cost has been spared in providing conveniences of an elegant description, and the appointments of the mansions are complete. The stonework of the building is composed of Manoora freestone, and the outward appearance of the structure is attractive and light. The party expressed the highest admiration of what they saw and encomiums were passed upon the contractors, Messrs. R. Huckson & Co., for the way in which they had carried out the work. A visit was afterwards paid to Mr. Thomson Priest’s slate quarries, and the party returned to town the same evening.