An Altered Name

From “Rachael”:- I was astonished when calling, at Mintaro Railway to notice that the name on the lamp had been altered to Merilden (sic). None of the old residents was consulted about the change, nor did they even get a hint that it was contemplated. Who is responsible for this absurd alteration? The commission appointed some time ago to go through the various names which it was desirable to change did not include our station in the list, recognising that there was no reason for interfering. Some years ago, after the Commonwealth took over the post office, there was some confusion between Mintaro Central and the railway, but postal efficiency has quite overcome any difficulty which had existed. As a native of Mintaro Railway, who has lived, over 40 years here, I enter a strong protest against being robbed of our name without a chance to defend it. Have we no redress?